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Logitech Zoom Room Bundles

Pre-configured bundles for small, medium, and large rooms

Logitech Zoom Rooms

Logitech Zoom Room Bundles include everything you need for video meetings. Available in small, medium, and large configurations.

Logitech Zoom

Transform any space into a Zoom Room. Choose a bundle to get started.

Logitech Small Zoom Room

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Logitech Small Zoom Rooms Bundle

Perfect for avatar 1–5 people

Designed for focus rooms and smaller conference rooms, the small configuration minimises cabling and saves space with Logitech MeetUp, a marvel of miniaturisation that mounts neatly above or below a display. Place Logitech Tap on the table, or add a wall mount to save even more space.

Comes with:

  • Logitech MeetUp all-in-one conferencecam
  • Logitech Tap touch controller
  • Intel NUC mini-PC preconfigured with Zoom Rooms software
Logitech Medium Zoom Room

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Logitech Medium Zoom Rooms Bundle

Perfect for avatar 5–10 people

As rooms get bigger, tables grow longer and people sit farther from the camera. That’s why the medium configuration features Logitech Rally, a premium conferencecam that pairs an advanced ultra-HD camera with modular audio that scales to support a wide range of room sizes and layouts.

Comes with:

  • Logitech Rally premium Ultra-HD conferencecam, speaker and mic pod
  • Logitech Tap touch controller
  • Intel NUC mini-PC preconfigured with Zoom Rooms software
Logitech Large Zoom Room

Coming Soon

Logitech Large Zoom Rooms Bundle

Perfect for avatar 11 people or more

The large configuration upgrades to Rally Plus with two speakers for clear audio throughout the room. Dual mic pods expand coverage for up to 16 people, and the system supports up to 7 mic pods for rooms with up to 46 seats.

Comes with:

  • Logitech Rally Plus premium Ultra-HD conferencecam, including 2x speakers and 2x mic pods
  • Logitech Tap touch controller
  • Intel NUC mini-PC preconfigured with Zoom Rooms software

Features & Benefits

Logitech Zoom Rooms include everything you need to build out conference rooms with one or two displays. Available in small, medium, and large configurations, Logitech Zoom Room Bundles come pre-configured with a Zoom-approved mini PC, a Logitech conferencecam with RightSense™ technologies, a PC mount with cable retention, and the Logitech Tap touch controller.

Systems arrive neatly packaged and ready for installation. A setup guide shows how components fit together, while an online wizard guides you through configuration step-by-step. With quality components, commercial-grade cabling, and innovations that automate a better user experience, Logitech Zoom Rooms make it easy to deploy Zoom Rooms throughout the workplace.

Video conferencing room sizes

Perfect for any meeting room

Logitech Zoom Room Bundles are designed to suit a variety of meeting spaces. Choose a huddle room bundle for meetings of 1–5 people, a mid-sized room bundle for 5-10 people, and a large room bundle for 11+ people.

Plug and play

Easy to install. Plug and play.

With only a few preconfigured components, Logitech Zoom Room Bundles are simple and easy to install. Get set up and connected in minutes.

Settings gear

First year of premier support included

All Logitech Zoom Room Bundles come with 12 months of Premier Support to make sure your Zoom Room continues to run as smoothly as possible. Get additional piece of mind with our 3-Year Extended Support add-on.

headset remote support

FREE 1-hour remote support session

If you run into trouble setting up your Logitech Zoom Rooms Bundle, get in touch with us to schedule a FREE 1-hour remote support session. We’ll walk you through installation step-by-step and make sure your Zoom Room is up and running and optimised in no time.

Touch controls that mean business

Logitech Tap touch controller

Convenient Operation

With a sleek design, silent operation, and motion sensor for always-on readiness, Tap brings ease and convenience to Zoom Rooms.

Logitech Tap touch controller cabling

Clever Cabling

Route cables out the back or through the bottom: strain relief and retention mechanisms keep connections tight.

Logitech Tap touch controller mounts

Multiple Mounts

Available Table and Riser mounts fit standard grommets and rotate 180° for visibility and convenience. The Wall mount saves space in small rooms.

Clean Installation

Place Logitech Tap near participants for convenient operation while installing the PC up to 10 metres away for a quiet environment and hidden cabling. 25 metre cable also available for larger rooms.

Logitech Zoom Rooms Installation Diagram

1. Co-locate the Logitech conferencecam with the PC to minimize cross-room cabling.

2. Determine the best location for Tap and connect it to the PC with the Logitech Strong USB cable.

3. Route cables through a raceway or standard ¾” conduit for a clean table. Cable retention systems at the PC and inside Tap keep connections tight.

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The power of Logitech and Zoom Rooms

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   Logitech Zoom Rooms Datasheet

Introducing Logitech Tap

With touch-to-join simplicity, Logitech Zoom Rooms with Logitech Tap are easy to use. Tap is designed and engineered for reliable convenience in the meeting room. Room-optimised software and IT-friendly design reduce technical support calls and increase uptime. With multiple mounting options, Logitech Tap integrates beautifully into most any interior location. Pre-configured for Zoom Rooms, the room solution with Tap can be set up in minutes, no special tools or system expertise needed.

Get started today

Logitech Zoom Room Bundles are pre-configured and can be set up in minutes. Choose a bundle to suit your meeting room size.