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Zoom Room bundle products

What are bundles?

Our bundles are preconfigured, plug-and-play hardware packages designed to work with Zoom Rooms – the world’s leading software-defined video conferencing platform. Whether you’re looking to implement 1 or 100 Zoom Rooms, each component in each bundle has been carefully selected to ensure your Zoom Room roll out is quick, easy and successful.

Zoom rooms bundle

Find the perfect Zoom Rooms bundle for your meeting space

Whether you just need a simple, all-in-one video conferencing cart or a premium kit for a 12-person boardroom, there’s a Zoom Room bundle for you.


Turn any room into a Zoom Room with a simple, all-in-one cart.

Connect Store Zoom Room Cart

Zoom Rooms Cart

Designed for huddle rooms or open spaces, our Zoom Room Cart is perfect for agile workplaces where flexibility is key. This cart is a great option for those small group impromptu meetings or scheduled all staff meetings typically held in open areas as opposed to meeting rooms.

Zoom Room Cart with Touch

Zoom Rooms Cart with Touch

Add touch interactivity to your Zoom Room experience with our Zoom Rooms Cart with Touch. As the ultimate tool for collaborative teams, users will love the 10-simultaneous-touch-point whiteboarding and seamlessly annotating over wirelessly shared content.

Huddle Rooms

Perfect for small meetings of 1–4 people.

BYOD Huddle Zoom Room

BYOD Huddle Room

With BYOD plug-and-play* simplicity, this bundle is designed for smaller spaces where users bring their own devices but wish to extend the video and audio capabilities. Although this package is optimised for Zoom, it will work happily with any soft codec running on a PC or Mac.

*BYOD hardware requires DisplayLink USB video driver for use with an external display

Huddle Zoom Room, including Logitech MeetUp Conference Cam, Dell Optiplex 3050, Apple iPad, Heckler Zoom Rooms Console

Huddle Zoom Room

Our Huddle Room bundle is quick and easy to setup and get going. The all-in-one Logitech MeetUp with a 4K 120° field of view camera and integrated audio can be installed in minutes on a shelf or credenza, or mounted above or below your display using the included wall mount bracket or optional TV Mount bracket. Great for rooms where speakers will be within the optimised microphone pick-up range of 2.4m.

Polycom Trio 8500 Zoom Room Huddle Room

Polycom Trio Huddle Zoom Room

Designed for small rooms and huddle spaces, the Trio Huddle Room Bundle makes collaboration a breeze. Polycom’s NoiseBlock™ technology allows for the uninterrupted flow of ideas by blocking out distracting sounds and the Polycom® EagleEye™ Mini, a 4x electronic zoom USB camera, provides optimised autofocus and can adapt easily to a variety of lighting environments.

Mid-Sized Zoom Rooms

Simple video conferencing bundles for most medium size rooms. Perfect for 5–10 people.

Connect Store Mid-Sized Zoom Room Bundle

Mid-Sized Zoom Room

Stepping up from our Logitech Huddle Room option, this bundles adds the MeetUp Extension Microphone to increase the microphone pick-up range from 2.4m to 4.2m, making it ideal for small to medium sized conference rooms. Coming preconfingured as all of our bundles do, this Zoom Rooms bundle enables quick and easy, plug-and-play deployment.

Connect Store Premium Mid-Sized Zoom Room Bundle

Premium Mid-Sized Zoom Room

With Creston’s legendary quality and performance, the Mercury® included with this bundle serves as the speaker, 360° microphone and the Zoom Rooms controller. Catering for rooms of up to 10 people, the Mercury’s native integration with Zoom makes this bundle a great option for mid-size rooms where speedy deployment and premium audio quality is paramount.

Polycom Trio 8500 Plus Zoom Room Mid-Sized Conference Room

Polycom Trio Mid-Sized Zoom Room

The 4m mic pickup and Polycom NoiseBlock technology of Polycom Trio 8500 makes it easy to hear everyone in a mid-sized conference room. The Polycom® EagleEye™ IV USB camera, with its wide field of view and 12x optical zoom, has a completely digital camera sensor to capture incredible details for even more natural communication.

Large Zoom Rooms

Everything you need to upgrade your boardroom. Perfect for meetings of 11 people or more.

Connect Store Large Zoom Room Bundle

Large Zoom Room

Suitable for larger rooms seating up to 20 people, or a room 8.5m in length, our Logitech Large Zoom Room Bundle combines the power of the Logitech Group Conference Phone, two extension microphones and a HD PTZ camera with 90° field of view to deliver a cost effective and user-friendly video conferencing experience.

Premium Large Zoom Room

Premium Large Zoom Room

Our premium bundle is packed with power and performance, making it the perfect match for your Zoom conference rooms that seat up to 18 people. From the iPort LaunchPort system that holds and charges the iPad, right through to the JBL soundbar, all included components are best-of-breed and deliver outstanding video and audio performance. The two biamp Devio beamforming microphones intelligently track and mix conversations from around the table, and the AVer CAM520 PTZ camera sends a clear and vibrant HD video feed through to the far end.

Polycom Trio 8800 Zoom Room Large Conference Room

Polycom Trio Large Zoom Room

The extended mic pickup range of up to 6m makes the Polycom Trio 8800 Zoom Rooms bundle the ideal solution for larger rooms. The Polycom EagleEye IV USB camera—with its wide field of view delivers stunning video that enhances collaboration. Upgrade to the Polycom EagleEye Director with the Polycom® EagleEye™ Director II for a hands-free, automatic camera tracking experience.

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